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a lot of people find this blog via google, but we have moved to our own domain at www.lemontown.net




Snow is finally going, let’s go out (!)

22/02/2010 by


© Les Enfant Gâtés / Falckensteinstraße 33 / via Facebook

Let’s go out and do stuff…

I’m still kinda broke so I’m looking at free events, and since I’m a bit of free-thinker and rebellion (yes yes you laugh, I’m also a good joker)

I’m looking at events here:


There is a calendar on the left and if you go up and choose Volxküchen there are a list of nice small cheap places to eat.


So anyone wanna join for something ? I’m thinking gallery or food or maybe even a combo.

Have to be careful though, some data are out-dated (Right Neil ? We wanted to go to a cafe with puppet show, but there hadn’t been an event in years the neighbors said)


Electronic Music Made Easy

21/02/2010 by

This is fun. The Tone Matrix…….click randomly and listen.

Information Graphics Blog

21/02/2010 by

Big information graphics blog.

How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell

21/02/2010 by

Thanks to Kathleen for pointing me towards this.

Whats up with all the abstract stuff ?

20/01/2010 by

Living in Berlin now for a year almost, and it’s been quite an experience.

Before I moved here I was told Berlin was the center of new culture, movements and trends in Europe…super, I thought.

But whats up with all the abstract stuff ?, you can’t even recognize the things people are trying to portray.

Give us back the fashions Berlin !



I can see what it is, it's good.

or T.S. Krøyer:


Nice sunset by the coast

you could argue that Monet is not abstract, he was nearsighted like me, so I totally get him.

Upside Out Reversed Fashion Parade

25/11/2009 by

I’ll be going to this, maybe see you there. Facebook page for Upside Out Reversed Fashion Parade here.


Saturday 21st Nov concert

20/11/2009 by

LemonTown newcomer Sam Wereing with friends Lena Tjader and Christian Schantz play 2 sets this Saturday (21st Nov) from 9pm at Wonderbar, Wiener Str 45 from 8.30pm. Sam says “The beer is cold and the music is warm”.

Now on Facebook

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feel free to join in there for more casual chit chat 🙂

remember to promote it to your friends 🙂

Film related events

30/10/2009 by

This and next week are packed with interesting film related events. I´ll go chronologically:

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